About Washington

Washington, Maine, a rural town of 1525 inhabitants, lies along State Route 17 in the northwestern corner of Knox County, between the county seat in Rockland and the State Capital in Augusta. The Nelson family first built a log cabin here in 1779 and the first frame house was constructed in 1802. The town was incorporated in 1811 as “Putnam”, named after General Israel Putnam, a revolutionary war hero. In 1825 the name was officially changed to Washington.

One early item of interest in Washington’s history was the ” paint mine”. This was a large deposit of red and yellow ocher found in the soil, which had been used long before Europeans arrived, by Native Americans, who took their name “Red Paint People”.

The town consists of small villages: Washington Village, West Washington, Razorville, and Stickney Corners. The wooded, rolling terrain is punctuated with newer houses found among 19th century farmsteads, open hayfields, and blueberry lands. Patrick and Cunningham Mountains rise in the the northwestern portion of town. Clear and pristine Washington Pond and Crystal Lake, northwest of the Village, teem with fish and wildlife. Several smaller ponds and streams, such as Davis Stream, Little Medomak River, and Washington and Calderwood Brooks, adorn our attractive rural community. Our citizens are are known for their spirit of volunteerism. We are extremely proud of our local K-6 Prescott Memorial School, Gibbs Library and the numerous civic and fraternal organizations that support the community.

We invite everyone to stop and visit our friendly and vibrant community. Shop in our local businesses and farmer’s market, dine at Sweet Season’s Cafe, stay at Blueberry Fields Bed & Breakfast, or camp at one of our unique summer camps, Med-O-Lark and Medomak Camp.